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22 March, 2023


22 March, 2023

The importance of cyber resilience cannot be overstated. Resilience is the ability to bounce back from adversity, like a rubber floor that can absorb falls. In today's world, businesses rely heavily on technology for almost every function, and the threats to their cybersecurity are real. Unethical hackers and cybercriminals have become the new villains on the horizon, using sophisticated technological tools to break into and access computer systems. The impact of such unanticipated disruptions can be fatal for a business's survival and stakeholders' confidence and trust in the business. Therefore, businesses need to incorporate resilience in tandem with protection to restore "business as usual" processes swiftly if a security breach does occur.

To effectively counter impending threats, businesses need to develop a purposeful cyber resilience strategy. This strategy should have the following broad contours: readiness, identification, testing, and consultation with specialists. The readiness plan should include a blueprint of who will do what, when, and how, and an incident response framework policy should be an integral part of cybersecurity and risk management policies. The identification process should prioritize critical assets and resources and implement protective arrangements to insulate these business-critical resources from adverse events. Testing should be conducted under simulated conditions to fine-tune policies and keep them in line with evolving situations. Finally, it is always better to consult security specialists who can assess a business's state of affairs in this crucial area and suggest solutions. RP Tech has experts who have a deep understanding of business continuity and disaster recovery and can help businesses with their cyber resilience requirements.

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