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IT Consulting and Change Management

IT Consulting and Change Management Package

Undoubtedly, today’s business landscape relies heavily on IT technologies. This is a significant component of every company’s investment plan, regardless of its size.

Speaking of investments, there is only one correct approach to do this effectively – having a clear and rational understanding of what is necessary and vital for sustainable growth.

RP Tech boasts over 20 years of experience in IT Infrastructure Auditing and Change Management. We know how to invest in IT wisely and how to budget these investments without losing control.

We have developed both a straightforward and a comprehensive approach to assist our existing clients in their growth endeavors. This approach has proven highly successful, prompting us to create a special offer for all market players.

Our Offer encompasses three stages of work:

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  1. The Initial Phase involves an IT infrastructure audit report that reveals all threats, potential downsides, and the root causes of problems.
  2. The Development Phase includes:
  • Planning an IT strategy and Change Management Program
  • Data recovery, data center colocation plan
  • Detailed action list and schedule

We understand the critical role of planning in the context of budgeting and are committed to helping you manage your IT investments throughout the financial year.

  1. The Implementation Phase consists of proactive actions in accordance with the change management program plan, ensuring a smooth and painless transition. We not only assist in selecting both hardware and software but also ensure you invest in the most advanced technologies without unnecessary expenses.

That’s a brief overview of how our package works. The standard cost of the IT Consulting and Change Management Package varies and depends on the extent of our team’s involvement in the process, starting at $6,400 per year.

Of course, there are various nuances to discuss with you before starting, and this package is always customized to meet your specific needs.

Furthermore, we have decided to offer the initial stage of our IT Consulting and Change Management Package for FREE to new clients, just as we do for our existing partners. There are no hidden agendas or strings attached – we genuinely want to provide this service for FREE. You have zero obligations to us, and the report is entirely yours.

Why are we doing this? We firmly believe that if we can help safeguard your business against potential threats, we should. It’s a way we can contribute to the growth of our country, and we believe it will yield positive returns in the long run.

Ready to secure your business’s IT future? Don’t miss this opportunity to benefit from our experience and expertise. Contact us today to get started!

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