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Actual Rate Card - April 2024

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Monthly Subscription

IT Support Plans

Monthly Subscription $0 $185 $399 call for quote
Computers under management 10 15 20 call for quote
Cyber Security Vulnerability  included included included included
IT Roadmap included included included included
Insurance Compliance Surveys included included
DarkWeb for Banking monitoring       included
Business Phone System         
Unlimited users, 4 concurrent calls, 1DiD, e911, taxes not included $89 $79 included included
-Discount on Compatible phones 5% 10% 12%
24/7 Remote IT Helpdesk        
 Incidents for basic end-user support  1 2 unlimited
-Additional Support incidents $175 $150 $130 $0
24/7 Helpdesk – Phone Response  NBD 8 hours Instant Instant
24/7 Helpdesk –  Email Response   NBD 8 hours 4 hours 2 hours
Routine Patching & Maintenance        
Proactive monitoring of Servers and Network included included included included
Automated resolution of simple issues included included
Automated resolution of advanced issues   included
Automatic Patching of Windows Desktops 5 10 unlimited
Automatic Patching of Windows Servers 1 3 unlimited
Onsite Support & IT Projects        
Onsite Support & IT Projects (travel charges may apply) $150 $135 $125 $115
Hardware & Software Discounts        
Cybersecurity – Endpoint Detection and Response $9.75/device $8.25/device $7.5/device $5.25
Email Security – spam, backup, encryption, spoofing, and impersonation protection $8.50/mailbox $7.50/mailbox $6.95/mailbox $5.25
Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) Discounts 0% 0% 5% call for quote
Workstation, Server, Firewall Discounts 5% 8% 12% call for quote
Peripherrals  Discount –  Printers, Cameras, Hard Drives, RAM 5% 8% 10% call for quote
CyberInsurance Discount 5% 8% 10% call for quote
Website & Application Development        
Website Development – customized responsive template for up to 9 sections $590/one-time $590/one-time $590/one-time Included
Website Monthly maintenance, patching, and updates, and backups (Add-On billed annually) $349 $299 Included Included
Domain, DNS, and Web Hosting  $18 $12 Included Included
SEO, PPC advertising, SMM, website updates, and Support – service only $699 $599 $399 Included

How can RP Tech help your business growth with IT confidence?

Banking, Finance, and Insurance


Customized IT and technology solutions for the finance, banking, and insurance sectors are designed to enhance security, efficiency, and client engagement.

These solutions encompass cybersecurity to safeguard data, financial and banking software for streamlined accounting, and data analytics for market insights and better business performance. Key features include blockchain for secure transactions, AI for customized client services, and automation to minimize errors. Importantly, they ensure compliance with regulatory standards and frameworks, including CCPA, PCI DSS, NIST, SOX, SEC, SOC-2, FedRAMP, FINRA, and GDPR, to protect client information and maintain trust. By leveraging these technologies, institutions can enhance decision-making and offer superior client services, staying ahead in a competitive landscape.

Healthcare, Wellness, and Fitness

Customized IT and Technology Solutions for Healthcare, Wellness, and Fitness Providers streamline patient care and enhance wellness services. These solutions include efficient Electronic Health Records (EHR), telehealth platforms deployment for remote care, and wearable tech for health monitoring. Utilizing data analytics for personalized care and AI for diagnostics, they also offer fitness apps for customized workout and nutrition plans. Emphasizing compliance with regulations like HIPAA and The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act, ensures patient data security.


Manufacturing, Warehousing, and Logistics


Customized IT and Technology Solutions for Logistics and Warehousing streamline supply chain operations, improve inventory management, and enhance delivery precision. These include real-time tracking, RFID and barcode for fast inventory handling, and automation via robots and drones for order fulfillment. Analytics and AI provide demand forecasting and route optimization, while cloud integration ensures data coherence across the supply chain. Embedded compliance features uphold industry standards, securing data and cargo. These advancements enable providers to boost productivity, cut costs, and elevate service quality efficiently.

Retail Business

Beautiful family standing at the cash counter buying groceries at the supermarket

RP Tech Service offers tailored IT and Technology Solutions for Retail businesses, aiming to revolutionize operations and customer engagement. These solutions include integrated omnichannel platforms for a unified shopping experience, advanced POS systems for streamlined sales and inventory management, and AI-driven analytics for personalized marketing strategies. RFID technology enhances inventory accuracy and loss prevention, while e-commerce capabilities expand market reach with secure online transactions. Additionally, these solutions support robust cybersecurity measures and compliance with data protection laws, ensuring customer data security. Enhanced customer loyalty programs further drive repeat business. With RP Tech Service, retailers can significantly improve operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, and business growth in the competitive retail landscape.

Learning, Teaching, and Training

Customized IT and Technology Solutions for educational institutions streamline and enhance learning through services like Learning Management Systems, Student Information Systems, and Cloud Services. We always on top of network security, incorporate interactive learning tools, and facilitate communication among educators, students, and parents. By leveraging data analytics and offering professional development, these solutions aim to improve teaching strategies and create a secure, efficient, and engaging learning environment.


Hospitality Sector


Our IT solutions for the food and beverage industry include advanced POS systems for efficient ordering and payments, online booking for easy reservations, and data analytics for personalized service and menu optimization. Kitchen display systems (KDS) enhance order accuracy and speed, while digital menus and signage offer dynamic content presentation. Cybersecurity measures protect customer data and transactions, complying with PCI DSS standards. This integrated technology approach together with seamless IT support and services allows establishments to deliver superior service, improve customer engagement, and operate efficiently and profitably in a secure environment.

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