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Advanced Business Phone System

RP Tech VoIP Business Phone System enables users to make voice calls from a variety of devices, including computers, smartphones, and traditional phones equipped with adapters.

  VoIP is more cost-effective and offers more advanced features compared to traditional phone systems. It has become increasingly popular in recent years for both personal and business use.

  • Stay in touch with your team & customers from wherever with mobile apps.
  • Use your office number and make free calls even when on the move.
  • Connect remote offices and eliminate interoffice call charges.
  • Web-based interface allows you to manage extensions from anywhere.

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Desktop Soft Phone

Experience seamless connectivity with your team, colleagues, and clients, no matter where you are, through WebRTC softphone and clientless web conferencing. Participate in meetings, screen sharing, collaborative document editing, and more without constraints. Stay fully informed about crucial projects and discussions, regardless of your location.

Audio & Video Conferencing

Rely on Amazon’s cloud infrastructure (AWS) for unwavering system accessibility, regardless of physical location disruptions. The system also incorporates Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology, facilitating tailored greetings and prompt modifications to suit your workflow requirements. No more extra expenses for Video Conferencing and Webinars. This feature is included! 

Live Chat & Talk

Engage website visitors in real-time conversations through various channels – chat, call, and video meetings, all at no extra cost. With our integrated PBX system, efficiently manage and monitor these conversations, ensuring a smooth and effective experience for both you and your customers.

Security & Backup

Our Business Phone System sets the standard for VoIP security, delivering the highest level of protection for your PBX system. Our dedicated team of security experts has developed a sophisticated built-in security system tailored to your business’s specific needs. This ensures your communications are consistently secure and safeguarded against potential threats, providing peace of mind regarding sensitive information.

Web-Based Control Panel

Our cutting-edge Business Phone System empowers managers, receptionists, and staff with advanced reporting capabilities. Optimize performance, increase sales, boost productivity, and deliver top-notch customer support with real-time insights into key metrics like call volume, duration, response times, and outcomes. These customizable reporting features adapt to your unique business needs and goals.

Office 365, Google, & Outlook Integration

Initiate calls directly from Microsoft 365 and other popular productivity apps, eliminating the need to switch between programs. Additionally, our Business Phone System offers versatile integration options, including CRM systems and email clients. Streamline communication and enhance collaboration for more efficient achievement of your business objectives.

Mobile App

Stay connected from anywhere – in the office, at home, or on the go – with our mobile app that allows you to use your extension. Enjoy free VoIP calls on your smartphone, facilitating communication with clients and colleagues worldwide. Advanced features like status updates, web conferencing, and instant messaging enhance collaboration and efficiency. Our system also prioritizes security, ensuring your communication channels are consistently protected from potential threats.

Cloud Phone System

Harnessing Amazon’s cloud infrastructure, also known as AWS, ensures uninterrupted system operation, even in the face of physical location disruptions. Furthermore, the system boasts Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology, enabling customization of greetings and prompts to align with your unique workflow needs.

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