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ward off intrusions

Application Control

RP Managed Application Control adds a second layer of permissions
to your network connected devices

With increasingly sophisticated internet security threats, having antivirus software is no longer enough to ward off intrusions such as data breaches and ransomware. RP Managed Application Control focuses on application control and application whitelisting which provides a second layer of protection to your entire network. This additional layer of protection prevents unauthorized applications from running, giving you confidence that your information is secure.

With the ever-evolving nature of online threats against individuals, businesses and corporations, it has become more important than ever to implement application control methods for complete peace of mind when it comes to privacy and security. RP Managed Application Control is the reliable way to defend against malicious applications that can compromise your data.

With application whitelisting enabled, you can control exactly which applications users can access and set policies to prevent application data from being shared to the internet. If someone tries to violate these policies, access will be denied, and a report will be sent directly to our team for further investigation. Furthermore, with application control, you have the ultimate level of detail when deciding exactly which external storage devices are granted access to company data. This tight security arrangement is designed not just for convenience but also for safety, allowing our clients to keep data safe and secure.

RP Managed Application Control is the perfect solution for any organization that wants to have total and secure control over their network and all of the data contained within. Application whitelisting allows you to set policies which application can be used, making sure only approved programs are being run. In addition to application control, you can also gain control over storage with ample capacity sufficiently distributed among application servers.

To take application security even further, you can lock out elevated access ensuring malicious attempts from hackers have no chance of infiltrating your system and gaining access to confidential data. Finally, our exclusive Ringfencing application provides added protection for applications in areas deemed especially vulnerable. We firmly believe that RP Managed Application Control is the best application control tool on the market today and we guarantee it will revolutionize your network system.

Exclusive Features Of RP Managed Application Control

Block by default

Application Whitelisting is a powerful tool that keeps computers safe from ransomware, malware, and viruses. By leveraging the concept of “blocking by default”, this approach allows only authorised applications to run on the computer, similar to having a list of guests allowed at a party. The system starts off with a list of apps that shouldn’t be allowed to run and only bumps up whitelisted items when they are approved, providing an extra layer of security that is constantly monitored and updated if desired. This type of protection guarantees optimum safety levels for any network or connected device.


If you are in need of an audit trail on all of your programs, scripts, files, computers, processes and access to real-time information on the user activity, then a compliance solution may be an ideal choice for your business. With a compliance solution in place you can gain the benefit of tailored and implemented auditing capabilities, as well as storage control policies that show full descriptions of all initiated actions. This ensures that your business has a higher level of security control over critical data and systems.


Ringfencing is a valuable tool for securing data and networks in an age where vulnerabilities can be exposed through the smallest of exploits. It offers a layer of protection by keeping the resources, files, and programs that are used within your network under the control of administrators. This removes the potential risks that come with unauthorized user access or exploitation of applications which they were not intended to use. With its granular level of security, ringfencing offers a finely tuned way to protect your network and keep critical operations running efficiently and securely.

Storage Control

RP Managed Application Control gives you fine-grained control for highly specific parameters. You can decide who is allowed to access which information, and specify what file types are authorized, even going so far as to allowing access for a particular serial number or ensuring the device includes encryption. This level of detail serves to protect your data, making sure that no rogue device can bring in unwanted software or simply walk away with important confidential information.

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Exclusive Features Of RP Managed Application Control

Policy Violations

Security is always an important factor when it comes to networks, and it is always important to know what occurs within them. Using ThreatLocker can help you protect your network while being made aware of any potential policy violations. It operates with a higher standard of security than traditional interface-based methods by preventing the action from occurring and alerting you immediately should a violation take place. This layer of protection works to ensure that safety and order are kept on the network at all times.

Enforce HIPPA Compiance

Ensuring compliance with HIPAA policies is critical to protect patient data and limit data breaches. RP Managed Application Control provides a cutting-edge solution to this problem by controlling which programs have access to encrypted storage, only allowing authorized applications and networks access to necessary privileges and content, as well as managing multiple programs’ access to data. With these protective measures in place, patient information is secured and violations of HIPAA are minimized.

External Device/Drives

It is extremely important to protect portable devices such as external drives and USBs from malicious installs of software which could harm your network’s information. A secure lockdown on these devices acts as an effective guard against viruses and other forms of malware getting into the system, therefore it is highly recommended that businesses put secure measures in place. Doing so not only adds an extra layer of security but also ensures compliance with regulations, thus protecting both the data and the business itself.

Minimize Potential for Risk Behavior

In order to keep a secure environment, it is essential to limit potential for risky behavior by mitigating privileged access between applications. This can be done by introducing a granular strategy that assigns and reviews necessary privileges, as well as reducing the amount of local admin accounts with too much access. Such precautions are crucial to maintaining strong cybersecurity defenses against malicious activity and keeping data safe.

"Default Deny" Controls

Default deny controls provide reliable security for users. By starting from a closed system and allowing access over time, users have greater control to protect their data while still being able to open up more options as they need them. This helps ensure that access is only granted on a case-by-case basis, keeping user data secure at all times. Not only do default deny controls offer a greater level of security, but they also make it easier to manage the system since entry points are known and can be managed accordingly. In addition, configurations can be tested and improved with minimal downtime to ensure everything is running as efficiently as possible.

Control and Limit Access to Programs

Ensuring that users can only use and access the programs they need is essential for computer security. By limiting access to programs, users can be prevented from running certain functions with full administrator rights, and limits can also be placed on how users contact the outside world. Careful thought needs to go into which programs are available for users so that only those needed to perform their job roles can be accessed. Equally, set rules should be in place to determine which programs users should not run or install so as to limit any potential exposure to malicious threats.

Control Programs and the Internet

Control over programs’ access to the internet is a powerful tool that many network administrators leverage to ensure their networks are secure. By limiting internet access to approved programs, unnecessary risks can be locked down and the integrity of the network safeguarded. It encourages users to think indirectly about cyber security by ensuring that only those programs critical for business operations have access to the internet. With advanced tools available, access control has become more flexible as administrators can create whitelists for programs that should have unrestricted online access and blacklists for those programs that should remain blocked from traversing the web. All in all, such control allows administrators to take a responsible stance in protecting their networks and valuable data from malicious actors.

RP Tech Services is committed to safeguarding clients’ infrastructure and data through a variety of techniques. We will adjust your network so that you have the final say in everything that occurs at your place of business.