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RP Managed SOC With SIEM is a cybersecurity software that specializes in identifying malicious activity through logged activities. It will automatically remediate the behavior based on your company’s established policy filters.

A software agent is installed onto your computers that will continuously monitor for activities that are suspicious and stops harmful processes dead in their tracks. All parties are then informed of the events that took place.

RocketCyber can monitor Office 365 by examining Microsoft Azure logs to verify everything is in sync. By doing so, it can prevent bad activities from occurring inside of Azure or Office 365.

Top 5 Reasons to Choose RP Managed SOC With SIEM

24/7 365 Monitoring & Response

Backed by our automated response system as well as our IT operations team, your computer network will have continuous vulnerability checks and scans running at all times. Notifications and alerts will trigger custom responses to react swiftly and appropriately. Possible viruses and attacks will be contained.

After the perpetrating software is isolated and severity is assigned to the issue, the proper team will be notified to follow up with the correct remediation actions. All events, whether they are suspicious or not, will be tracked. Incident investigation to triage or escalate issues will be made possible to ensure expedient resolution of all problems that may arise.

Risk & Health Analysis

Through the use of event tracking, risky behavior can be identified. By implementing operational performance analytics, health issues relating to the hardware and software on your networks can be constantly assessed.

This will allow the RP Tech Services team to suggest actions for you and your staff to take to help you maintain and operate your business optimally. By understanding these metrics, we can set safeguards in place to take the pressure off your employees to constantly perform tasks that can be automated.

Protection by Prevention

Protect your computers, networks, and cloud resources with active monitoring, heightened security, and an automated response system.

With RP Managed SIEM, these types of dangerous situations can be avoided: ransomware attacks, stolen passwords or bank information, failing equipment, getting locked out of your system, viruses, or bugs. Furthermore, Microsoft Office 365 will be monitored for threats


Work Without Interruptions

Through network and cloud resource management, your team will have the access to the information they need.

Policies and security responses will be put into place so that your team can work without the fear of losing progress or compromising their data. Your team will be able to focus on finishing the task at hand worry-free.


Policies and procedures can be programmed into your network to verify compliance will be maintained. Through event tracking and notifications, you will be alerted if anyone on your staff is attempting to access something they do not have permission for.

Personalized responses, based on your needs, can be implemented so all confidential data on your network is secure.

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RP Tech Services is dedicated to protecting clients’ data and infrastructure through multiple methods. We will secure your network and put protocols into place to avoid data breaches and wrongful actions against your business. Find out more about how RP Tech can help you protect your network HERE