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RP Managed Email Security is choosing to always take steps in the right direction.

You will avoid feeling like you ventured into a dark alley when you open your inbox. RP Managed Email Security gives you full control of what ends up in your inbox and prevents the emails you open from becoming an invasive guest on your computer. There are quite a few aspects to how RP Tech Services protects your email.

Email Security Tricks of the Trade

Identify Suspicious Attachments

Our software knows what files can harm your system and contains them for you.

Find Bad Senders

We can identify when someone tries to email you with the same name as one of your contacts and will flag it for you.

Link Protection

Our software prevents a click in an email from becoming a hostile takeover of your computer.

Spam Detection

Our system is constantly learning and growing. It can determine what is authentic email.

Virus Scans

We scan all attachments on emails before they arrive in your inbox to see if they might be harmful.

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RP Managed Email Security

RP Tech Services is dedicated to protecting the inboxes of all our clients. We incorporate many different strategies to identify and protect you from suspicious email. The most dangerous types of email will never make it in the gate. Find out more about how RP Tech can help you protect your systems HERE.