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RP Managed Application Control

As internet security becomes more sophisticated and cybercriminals evolve, simply having antivirus software alone is not enough to stop all intrusions that can happen online or from within your network.

RP Managed Application Control adds a second layer of permissions to your network connected devices to prevent breaches, data loss, and increase privacy for you and your clients. RP Managed Application Control focuses on application control and enforcing security policies.

You will be able to specify what data and applications users can access as well as restrict those applications’ data from being shared to the internet or across the network. Any activity that violates these policies will not only be denied, but a report citing this activity will be escalated and sent to our team for further analysis.

RP Managed Application Control also provides granular access to allow or deny which specific external, or USB, storage devices are granted access to company data.

RP Managed Application Control provides a variety of tools to put you in charge of your network and the data contained within it. Some of the most sought after features of RP Managed Application Control include application whitelisting, control over storage, the ability to put a lock on elevated access, and our exclusive Ringfencing.

Exclusive Features of RP Managed Application Control

Block By Default

The best protection against ransomware, malware, and viruses is Application Whitelisting. To “block by default” means that no one gets into the party without being on the guest list.


Would you like access to fine tuned auditing capabilities of every program, script, files, computers, processes, and real-time information on the user that opened it?

If used in conjunction with storage control policies, the full description of files that were opened, altered, moved, or deleted are available to you.


Storage Control

RP Managed Application Control allows precise control down to very specific details such as which file types are allowed or which users and groups are permitted access to specific information.

Access to data can be pinpointed down to applications, serial numbers, and whether the device has encryption.

This type of control prevents rogue devices like USB drives from bringing in detrimental software or walking away with your company’s most sensitive information.



Some programs have inherent vulnerabilities that can be exploited when information is leaked, accessed, or just used in the wrong way.

Ringfencing can keep everything in your network under your control by allowing only specific programs to be opened and applying boundaries within programs.

This can keep users from accessing network resources, files, and vital components of the registry. Your applications will serve their purpose and stay in their lane.

7 Protective Measures that RP Managed Application Control Gives You!


Enforce HIPAA Compliance Policies

RP Managed Application Control prevents your patient data from getting into the wrong hands in several ways.

1. Only allow encrypted removable storage.
2. Enforce application-to-application and application-to-network privileges and content control.
3. Have the ability to manage multiple programs’ access to data.

Minimize Potential for Risky Behavior

Mitigate application-to-application privileged access to prevent risk and minimize the number of local administrator accounts that may have too much access.


Control Over Programs’ Access to the Internet

You may specify which programs can access the internet to lock down your network from unnecessary risks.

Policy Violations

ThreatLocker creates logs whenever someone attempts to violate a policy on your network. It will deny the action being attempted and report the behavior immediately

External Devices/Drives

Protect devices from malicious installs of software and lockdown portable devices like usb drives. Keep your network’s information safe while preventing malware from getting in.


“Default Deny” Controls

Keep things secure. Instead of opening up every avenue to users and to the internet, you can start from the ground and work your way up to allow your users more control and options as they are needed.

Control and Limit Access to Programs

Limit access to programs by preventing users from running specific programs as an administrator. Limit how the user can use programs when making contact with the outside world.

Grant users access to run or install specific programs that they will need. Determine which programs certain users are not allowed to run.

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