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RP Managed Antivirus

RP Managed Antivirus offers premiere protection for your network and cloud environments. This means intrusions, malware, viruses, and other potentially harmful software will never have a chance. RP Tech Services provides many protective layers with its AV, including the following techniques: antimalware, firewall, device control, full disk encryption, Exchange security, email security, anti-exploit, threat control and more! RP Managed Antivirus adds to its database frequently to offer the most up-to-date protection.

New files and equipment entering your environment will automatically be checked. As part of further safety precautions, our AV software will perform the most advanced scans regularly. Thanks to the hyper detection of RP Managed Antivirus, our software will identify threats when they are in the pre-execution stage, such as when PowerShell is accessed or suspicious network traffic is detected.

RP Managed Antivirus is customizable. You can restrict certain types of software or behavior while allowing others. If your workplace is prone to one type of intrusion, we can help you to adapt to protect your business. Through the use of our control center and security software agents, your environment can be tuned to have pinpoint control over what takes place on your network and cloud systems. Continuous monitoring allows for quick actions to be taken to react to, or even prevent, malicious attacks.

RP Managed Antivirus is Customizable

Advanced Security Features

Restrict suspicious activity on your devices. Allow or deny programs that you are unfamiliar with.

Automatic Removal

As part of its ongoing learning about new malware, our software will automatically contain and quarantine known offenders.

Customized Scans

With our various scan engines, advanced monitoring will be set to match your needs. Types of scans include local, hybrid scan with light engines, central scan in public or private cloud, and more.

Create Exceptions

With RP Managed Antivirus, you can specify what programs you work with so we can make sure you Always have access to them. In the same vein, we can create policies for what programs and websites that your staff can access.

Get Immediate Assistance

Our software comes with a ticketing system where you can submit support requests directly to us if you ever need help! We are always a phone call away.

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Prevent Malware and Viruses with
RP Managed Antivirus

RP Tech Services is dedicated to protecting the health of our clients’ computers and networks. We will scan your systems and follow up if any suspicious software is found on your network. The continuous improvement of our software makes it very difficult for any intrusions to take place, let alone succeed. Find out more about how RP Tech can help you protect your systems HERE.