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Migrate Your Business to the Cloud

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The entire world is trying to jump to the cloud and for good reason. The cloud computing industry is expected to grow to the staggering size of one trillion dollars yearly by the end of 2026. Cloud migration is a notable milestone in any healthy company’s life. Without it, problems with developing your business and scaling your customer base will come up. With it, you can reduce costs, improve performance, and secure your safe space within the depths of cyberspace.

Migrating To The Cloud? Avoid Turbulence By Following These Steps

Moving applications and data from on-premise computers to a virtual pool of data in the sky is for more than just acquiring bragging rights. This transition makes life easy for your employees and customers alike.

Things perform smoother in the cloud, but getting to this stage in your business is not easy. Migration carries its risks. Based on research by Unisys in 2019, one third of all companies that migrate to the cloud fail because they do not adapt their business practices to reflect the change.

So what preparations can you do to make sure your company migrates as seamlessly as possible?

Understand Why You Should Migrate

Why do you want your business to migrate? Is it because you want to reduce costs? Is it because you want to gain unique advantages that cloud computing offers? Or is it simply to make sure your business is scalable in the future when things are going well?

Your reasons for migrating mean everything. It will determine the kind of resources you will need moving forward. Cloud migration is an important project that everyone in your business needs to understand and participate in. It is not simply an isolated project that you can leave to the IT department.

Involve the Right People

You will need to talk with the right people. What applications and platforms will you work with in the future? Keeping that in mind, you will need a team of the following:

  • Project managers
  • Architects
  • Analysts
  • Subject matter experts
  • Security specialists

Make sure to ask for everyone’s input and concerns. It does not matter if your company is small or medium-sized, you need a team of the right people to help kickstart the process. Your team will determine the scale and depth of your project.

Connect With the Right Provider

The right provider can make or break your entire experience. The migration process comes with obstacles and problems. You will need a provider that understands you, your business model, and what you hope to accomplish.

How experienced is your provider? How will they carry out the migration process? What is their plan of action in the face of inflexible architectures, out-of-date technologies, or complex interdependencies that will throw your mind for a loop? Will they be capable of providing support throughout the entire migration process? Migration is not easy. Your team of experts needs to be experienced, seasoned professionals.

Protecting Your Data During Migration

Sensitive data is exposed and vulnerable for the duration of your migration. This means you will need to take measures to make sure important data is safely escorted to where it needs to be as well as ensure that nothing is disrupted or collapses while the migration is in process.

Protecting the integrity of your data is important and comes with an appropriate level of risk management. A seamless transition requires proper planning and post-migration protocols for handling data.

Whether you adopt a piecemeal approach, or move everything at once, you need a trusted ally on your side. Your partner should know the ropes and can help you safely, smoothly, and efficiently move your business into the wonderful world of cloud computing. RP Tech Services has a proven track record of safely and securely guiding businesses to the cloud. Contact us here to find out how we can help you.

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