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Emergency IT Services

Need help now? We can assist in person or over the phone with any IT related problem, BIG or small, such as:

A failing computer, server, or network can result in your company bleeding money. This problem multiplies when the issue will not go away. Having the right IT support team on standby can be the difference between a successful corporation and a fly by night failure. 

Emergency IT Services and Support

RP Tech Services offers Emergency IT Services the way you need them at precisely the moment it matters.  No issue is outside our scope, whether is something small that just came up or a problem that could potentially be catastrophic. Our team will assist you in by phone, through the internet, or in person to get you back up and running. Never worry about these types of problems again:

  • Servers that are either down or cannot access certain applications
  • Failed hard drives that require data recovery assets
  • No Internet connection
  • Virus and malware removal
  • Backups that fail
  • Corrupted applications or databases

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