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Accelerate your business with Microsoft’s cloud computing solution.

Microsoft Azure is a recognized leader in public, private and hybrid cloud solutions. Azure provides multiple sets of services of diverse functions and has IaaS and PaaS capabilities.

Azure works on a subscription basis, with additional rates for the greater resources needed. This makes your Azure plan flexible – you only need to pay for what you consume. This pricing plan is perfect for businesses of any sizes: SMEs to large-scale organizations. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about consuming large amounts of computing resources, Azure can provide it all. Microsoft Azure’s servers are spread throughout the world, across 54 regions worldwide and available in 140 countries.

Turn your ideas into reality.

Microsoft Azure makes it possible for you to develop, test, and deploy enterprise apps using virtual machines. Virtual machines let you save computing resources and IT hardware investments with their distinct nature – easy to build and rebuild for different types of OS.

We provide Microsoft Azure support & Microsoft Azure consulting services to companies in the Salem, NJ area. Our expert Microsoft Azure consultants can partner with your business to solve any issues and fully utilize the advantages of Azure. RP Tech Services has experience providing superior Microsoft Azure services to a variety of company sizes and industry types,

Equip your organization with the right tools

Azure is home to different services and solutions any business can use to automate their workloads or to do advanced monitoring and reporting.

Protect your Data

Reduce costs and complexity with a highly secure cloud foundation managed by Microsoft. Use multi-layered, built-in security controls and unique threat intelligence from Azure to help identify and protect against rapidly evolving threats.

However, all of the premises above are reliant on knowledge of these programs and the capability to implement these to the server. A licensed Microsoft Azure consultant can help you optimize your usage and  integrate your current systems to Azure. RP Tech Services can help you and your company with a variety of Microsoft Azure services.

An Azure partner you can trust

We’ll handle all your Azure queries and needs – from migration and deployment – to managing your Azure servers.

With Microsoft Azure as our partner, we will help your business gain a competitive edge. Our deep knowledge and expertise in Microsoft Azure support and cloud services are capable of creating, integrating, launching and securing different solutions available on the Azure platform.

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Our skilled Azure technicians will accompany you on the journey to the cloud by making innovations on solving specific problems of your business. We’ll help you start your project for future growth and flexibility.

Our motivation is the positive reviews and feedback we receive from our satisfied customers. Contact us to learn more about our Microsoft Azure support.


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