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Site Surveys and Heat Mapping | Quinton Township, NJ

For any business planning to install a wireless network there are a variety of factors to consider prior to beginning this permanent fixture of your business. Wireless network installations don’t always perform a wireless site survey due cutting costs or lack of resources. However, as time passesĀ  problems may appear on the wifi signal. Wireless site surveys or heatmapping services can solve and prevent wifi problems most of the time.

When your wireless network is underperforming, chances are, signal interferences and weak placement of wireless routers are the cause of the issue. A wireless site survey detects Radio Frequency (RF) signals and visualizes them to reveal areas of channel interferences and dead spots. Once heatmapping is completed, we can evaluate the signal strength, identify problems, and make adjustments to compensate.

We provide wireless site surveys and heat mapping services to companies in the Quinton Township, NJ area. WiFi site surveys / wireless site surveys can significantly impact the usability of your WiFi network. Our team has experience conducting both of these WiFi assessments in order to maximize connectivity across your network.

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Heatmaps come with a color-coded representation of signals, detailing where hot and cold spots exist.

Choose RP Tech Services for your Wireless Network

RP Tech Services provides wireless site surveys and heat mapping services. Our network specialists will visit your premise and conduct a comprehensive site visit to assess your current wireless capabilities. We’ll also provide experience-based recommendations to improve wireless communications. Based on our analysis, we can proceed with installing or reinstalling your access points and routers.

We have years of experience working with industry-leading wireless technology manufacturers- you can rely on us to handle your IT while you focus on running your business.

No matter how big or small your organization is, RP Tech Services can help you. Contact us today to learn more about the capabilites of wireless site surveys or heatmapping for your WiFi configuration.

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