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Emergency IT Services | Essex County, NJ

IT-related problems happen when you least expect it. We can help with IT issues, big and small, by assisting in-person or over the phone!

We’ve got your back with solutions for problems such as:

      Servers that are either down or cannot access certain applications

      Failed hard drives that require data recovery assets

      No Internet connection

      Virus and malware removal

      Failed backups

Server Repair

When your server(s) goes down, it can take minutes to cause thousands of dollars of damage. If server issues have stopped your organization from operating, our support will get your business back to operating efficiently. We provide server diagnosis and recovery for emergency IT services in Essex County, NJ. We cover all major manufacturers and can fix your issue within hours.

Data Recovery

Hard disk failure can get in the way of your work responsibilities, especially if you lose important data. These issues occur for a variety of reasons, such as corrupted files or overheating. The primary storage device is the most critical aspect of your computer, and we do our best to ensure your system is running smoothly. RP Tech Services can help recover lost data and get you back up and running in a minimal amount of time.

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Malware/Virus Removal

We understand that every second matters for your business; missteps are dangerous when it comes to malware. From infecting files to freezing your computer, viruses and other malware can have long-lasting effects on your organization. For this reason, we provide high-quality emergency IT support to help you manage, prevent, and recover from these threats.

Internet Failures

Internet problems in this decade can feel like a return to the dark ages. If your internet is not working or is very slow, it can delay important tasks you need to finish. We understand the urgency to fix it as soon as possible. Our IT experts are trained to ease technical difficulties, like congestion on the network, and save your business from any more trouble.

Backup Failures

Losing critical data can cause serious damage to your organization. Many people look to backup systems to mitgate the risk of data loss. However, the system can fail on you when you need it most. Sometimes backup software doesn’t work or there are storage issues. Our emergency IT services can help resolve backup failures and devise new backup strategies to better protect your organization’s data.