By Virtualizing your physical servers, network, and even your desktops, you can make better use of resources such as CPU, RAM, and Disk Space. Servers are converted to hosts which can run multiple virtual machines, creating redundancies in your network with or without the purchase of additional infrastructure.

Red Paladin deploys and supports virtualization using VMware, Microsoft, and Citrix Hypervisors.Migrating some or all of your data in a way that it is backed up, capable of being turned on in case of failure at your site, secure, and synchronized in real-time to a cloud, allows you to make the most of your own resources as well as commercially available cloud resources. Red Paladin can help guide you in migrating your desktops, servers, and network to a variety of Virtualized Cloud configurations:

  • Enterprise Clouds: Amazon, Azure, and others located in state of the art data centers
  • Private Clouds: converting your existing infra to a “mini” cloud at your location to make use of existing hardware
  • Hybrid Clouds: combination of Enterprise and Private clouds
  • Cloud Hosting: Host your data in an Enterprise, Private, or Hybrid Cloud
  • Cloud Synchronization: Synchronize your Data with Data in the Cloud
  • Live Backups: Power on your backups in the cloud when your onsite systems fail
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS): We provide you with the equipment and resources to run a private cloud onsite or in our data centers

Our experience team can help you navigate the variety of solutions to find the right one for your company.

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